June 2018
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Open Letter to Kathleen Wynne

(in response to a recent email I received from the Ontario Liberal Party asking for donations of time, money, etc. to “help strengthen our Party and help our province stay on the right path”. This email started off with the line “Politics is not a game. It’s about our lives”)

Dear Kathleen Wynne,

You’re absolutely […]

The National Day of Action for Electoral Reform – write your representatives!

After last week’s Federal Election resulted in a majority government with less than 40% of the vote, I have been heartened by the increased discussion of the need to reform our electoral system. Canadians – who I think have long been aware of the problem – are realizing that First Past the Post’s inherent problems […]

Grrrrrr (part 2) – Popular Vote vs. Seats Won

Popular Vote Seats Won

So yet again a party’s won a (huge!) majority government with less than 50% of the popular vote. And the MMP motion failed to pass in the Referendum. Brilliant. :/


So the MMP motion didn’t pass… too many people didn’t even know there was a referendum at the same time as the election, and many others didn’t understand the issue well enough. Others understood it and were afraid of change, or were happy with the flawed system we currently use. :/

Elections Ontario did a […]

Voting Day

Well, voting day is upon us here. I really hope the MMP Referendum passes… our voting system has to change. It’s been disappointing hearing some people I’ve talked to about it being hesitant about voting for the measure, often because they don’t have the facts right. The most important ones (IMO) are:

MMP means a […]

Provincial Election / Referendum on MMP

I’ve not really talked much about the upcoming Provincial Election here… I’ve not been as involved with the local Green Party as I have in previous years, due to work and other factors. In many ways, it’s “more of the same”… I think the Conservatives will likely pick up a few seats, but the Liberals […]