June 2018
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Open Letter to Kathleen Wynne

(in response to a recent email I received from the Ontario Liberal Party asking for donations of time, money, etc. to “help strengthen our Party and help our province stay on the right path”. This email started off with the line “Politics is not a game. It’s about our lives”)

Dear Kathleen Wynne,

You’re absolutely […]

“The alarming decline in voter turnout” (Letter)

In response to John Ibbitson’s article in the The Globe & Mail, I felt compelled to write the following response.


Updated Theme

I have just finished updating the look of the site; I wanted to increase the amount of horizontal space available to a post, and centre the content. Various upgrades to the back-end code of the site have been implemented also. I hope you like the refresh, and I hope to be adding some new posts […]

A follow-up to my “What if we used AV?” analysis.

One commenter on this CBC story, replying to my mention of my earlier post, seemed to dismiss it on the basis that under AV, the amount of “strategic voting” would be significantly reduced, so I can’t rely on the single FPtP results which might include strategic voting.

This is true to some extent – however: […]

The National Day of Action for Electoral Reform – write your representatives!

After last week’s Federal Election resulted in a majority government with less than 40% of the vote, I have been heartened by the increased discussion of the need to reform our electoral system. Canadians – who I think have long been aware of the problem – are realizing that First Past the Post’s inherent problems […]

The effect of vote-splitting on the 2011 Federal Election

Updated: May 4th with latest data from Elections Canada. I also improved my routine, catching a few small problems and able to calculate the number of orphaned votes in each case.

Using the (preliminary) data from Elections Canada, I calculated what the seat distribution might have been like if two or more of the non-Conservative […]


…obviously I’ve not updated in a while. I was hoping I’d have some support from other writers interested in the cause, and we could share posting duties, but… life happens, and unfortunately I haven’t been able to get to this site.

Thoughts on the Coalition and PR

I am cautiously in support of the proposed coalition between the NDP and Liberals, with the support of the BQ. The NDP and Liberals together do have a greater share of the popular vote than the Conservatives, despite their lower numbers of seats… so them having more power is something I approve of. However, obviously […]

Congratulations to Obama

Although I think the US’s electoral system has serious problems, I am pleased that Obama has won the presidential race, not just with the most electoral college votes, but with the popular vote as well.

His speech on Tuesday night was… beautiful, powerful, gracious… it was truly a wonderful evening to witness. Much has been […]

Response to Christina Blizzard’s article in the Toronto Sun

I have to take offense to this article written by a columnist in the Toronto Sun. In it, she attacks the suggestion of moving to a Proportional Representation electoral system with a number of (flawed, in my opinion) arguments.

Some critics would like to see us ditch the first-past-the-post system in favour proportional representation (PR), […]