June 2018
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A Plea for Common Sense

I’m always confused by NDP supporters who refuse to vote Liberal in a riding where the LPC has the best chance of winning against a Conservative candidate (& Liberals who refuse to vote NDP). Or GPC supporters who have similar sentiments about voting for the NDP or LPC.

I understand how a vote for another […]

Cooperate For Canada & Joyce Murray

Sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been busy with various other things that have stolen my attention from the important issue of orphaned votes and electoral reform.

However, there have been some important developments in this space, and I felt I should note them here.

First, the amazing team at LeadNow.ca have recently launched […]


As most (hopefully) should know by now, the Harper Budget is a huge bill that makes many, many changes to our Environmental laws, Employment Insurance, health care, and more. Harper was hoping to sneak a lot into the Bill, get it passed, and move on without people noticing. But people have, and we’re making our […]

My Letter to Thomas Mulcair re: Cooperation

Dear Mr. Mulcair,

Congratulations on your election to Leader of the NDP! I was impressed during your campaign by your commitment to progressive ideals, electoral reform, and the environment. I really hope you can engage young voters – who historically don’t come out to vote in large numbers – and also reach out to the […]

An Open Letter to Bob Rae re: Cooperation

Dear Mr. Rae,

Regarding your recent email, where you said:

The bullying and the thuggishness need to stop.

We need to talk directly to Canadians about Harper’s failure on the economy, about an election fraud scandal that has shaken Canada’s faith in its democracy. And yes, about a Prime Minister who has cheapened and tarnished […]

Why I Voted for Nathan Cullen

It’s hard for me to explain without getting emotional why Nathan Cullen is my first choice for leader of the NDP.


I’m originally from Bermuda, and although it’s a wonderful place to visit, I found it small and stifling after living there all my life. In addition, I was struggling to come to terms […]

Poster Design #2

For the rally for Nathan Cullen in Kitchener: after receiving some feedback, I’ve refined the design somewhat. There will be two main versions with the “Arrow” graphic or Map, and each can have different slogans and information text beneath. I’m going to try making a leaflet version too.


I […]

Poster Idea for Citizens for Cross Party Cooperation KW

Through my support for Nathan Cullen, I’ve contacted the Citizens for Cross Party Cooperation in Kitchener/Waterloo. I’m hoping to see Nathan in-person when he visits Kitchener on Thursday; it was requested that I try to come up with ideas for materials for that group to show and distribute at the rally.

This is an idea […]

Party Cooperation (Nathan Cullen Proposal) – Simulations

Following my previous post in support of Nathan Cullen, I decided to take my cartogram tool, and simulate how Nathan Cullen’s plan might work based on the past election results. I know how public opinion can change, and – who knows – support for the Conservatives may plunge, rendering the idea unnecessary… but I like […]

In support of Nathan Cullen

It’s been a while since I posted something here. I wanted to post analyses of the various Provincial elections that took place throughout Canada last year, after the Federal election… as usual, the results were fertile ground for showing just how awful our voting system is and how it skews voter intention in the seat […]