February 2013
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Cooperate For Canada & Joyce Murray

Sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been busy with various other things that have stolen my attention from the important issue of orphaned votes and electoral reform.

However, there have been some important developments in this space, and I felt I should note them here.

First, the amazing team at LeadNow.ca have recently launched a new campaign: Cooperate for Canada. Building on the momentum of Nathan Cullen’s bid to become leader of the NDP, and the demand from progressives in the NDP, Green, and Liberal camps (over 50% in each have expressed their support of cooperation, and almost all of the LeadNow supporter base!), they are calling on the three parties to cooperate in the next federal election to defeat Stephen Harper’s government.  Please sign their petition!

And tying in to that – there is a Liberal Leadership race currently underway.  Of the nine candidates, only one of them – Joyce Murray – is advocating a sensible strategy of cooperation in key ridings, much as Cullen did last year. Pundits are saying the race comes down to Murray, Garneau, and Trudeau.

And we have an amazing opportunity to support her.  You can donate at her website, but – crucially – if you aren’t a member of another party, you can register to support her (without paying a thing if you choose), after which you can register to vote. But you have to register before March 3rd!

Please circulate this information to all progressive-minded people you know who are tired of cynical politics and the Harper “majority”.


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